SPUTTER technology SCIL®

Our Pi411 coating unit use the patented SCIL® (SPUTTERED Coating Induced by Lateral Glow Discharge) technology to achieve high deposition rates with SPUTTERING. SCIL® enables high-performance SPUTTERING from the central cathode.

The cathode consists of:

  • Cathode body, incl. magnetic coils with up to 30 kW SPUTTER power
  • Holed pipe for coolant inlet
  • Membrane pipe, tensed by internal cooling water for good conduction to the target rings
  • Metal or ceramic target rings

PA3D SPUTTER technology

PA3D module (PLATIT 3D module) is used in our coating unit PL711 to offer the following advantages compared to conventional SPUTTER technology:

  • High plasma density concentrated in the carousel
  • No plasma deadlock zones
  • No hollow cathodes
  • Minimal cleaning after DLC processes necessary
  • Higher deposition rates with uniform coating homogeneity
  • Stable coating processes < 0.1 Pa
  • Improved etching efficiency, stable etching processes < 0.2 Pa
  • Variable magnetic field strength in the SPUTTER cathodes
image description
image description

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