The most important reasons for our coating systems

  • Our product line includes numerous high-tech standard and custom coating solutions. They can be flexibly programmed with different coating structures. The systems can deposit PVD and PECVD for various nitride, oxide and DLC coatings.
  • Our coating units enable short coating times with high-quality coatings. With their performance they are superior on the market.

  • With our systems, small and large substrates can always be coated together, in so-called customer batches. The collection of similar parts is not necessary, waiting times are eliminated. The customer-specific batches can always run with the same parameters under the same conditions.

  • We value know-how partnership, as we firmly believe that both parties benefit from sharing knowledge. We provide support from sampling to the adaption of coatings.

  • We stand by our customers with worldwide service, support and sales offices, as well as with our partners for upstream and downstream processes.

  • As a premium provider, we assist our customers with customer acquisition. We bring together the supply and demand for tool manufacturers, regrinders and coating centers.

  • Unlike many market players, we do not offer job coating service and therefore do not create competitive issues with our customers.

LISS Coating center

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