The most important reasons for integrating our coating systems into your processes

  • Independence from service providers. With your own turnkey system, you will have your entire production in your own hands. Grinding and coating can take place on the same day.
  • Logistics are simplified and faster delivery times made possible. With job coating service, 8 - 15 % of the tools are damaged by the double transport.
  • The quality of a coating is guaranteed. With our systems, small and large substrates can always be coated together, in so-called customer batches. The collection of similar parts is not necessary, waiting times are eliminated. The customer-specific batches can always run with the same parameters under the same conditions.
  • Integrated coating centers usually pay off in less than two years. In-house coating does not require more employees than are necessary to handle logistics tasks with a job coater.
  • Our wide and flexible range of coatings, with the possibility of developing own coatings, guarantees you a unique selling proposition. Our coatings are adapted to your respective tool geometry.
Workflow in a coating center

The barrier for in-house coating has fallen further: let us introduce to you our Smart Turnkey Solution!