The most important reasons for integrating our coating systems into your tool manufacturing process

  • Independence from service providers. With your own turnkey system, you will have your entire production in your own hands. The coating know-how remains in-house. Moreover, production, grinding and coating can take place on the same day.
  • Logistics are simplified and faster delivery times made possible. In-house production guarantees the shortest routes, and damage caused by transport or packaging is prevented. The in-house process is also more environmentally friendly. With job coating service, 8 - 15 % of the tools are damaged by the double transport.
  • The quality of a coating is guaranteed. Even the best coating center cannot deposit an optimal coating for all tools. Among other reasons, it is not possible, for example, to produce an optimal coating thickness for all tools, because mixed batches in the usually large chambers contain different tools that would require different coating thicknesses. With your own turnkey system, different tools do not have to be coated together with a universal coating, but their specific applications are considered.
  • Integrated coating centers usually pay off in less than two years. In-house coating does not require more employees than are necessary to handle logistics with a job coater.
  • Our wide and flexible range of coatings, with the possibility of developing own coatings, guarantees you a unique selling proposition. Our coatings are adapted to your respective tool geometry.
  • The service life of your tools is extended, and productivity increased.

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Why should you integrate PLATIT coating systems into your tool manufacturing process

The barrier for in-house coating has fallen further: let us introduce to you our Smart Turnkey Solution!