When coating stamps and punches, ensuring surface quality is essential. These surfaces require smooth, dustless coatings with good adhesion to accurately replicate highly detailed relief structures. Stamps and punches have narrow tolerances and can only be coated within a certain temperature range.

We fulfill these requirements with Custom Coating Solutions

  • The surface to be coated faces downwards to keep it dust-free; the target is placed on the underside of the coating chamber
  • Our SPUTTER technology, supported by LGD® (Lateral Glow Discharge), guarantees smooth coatings with very good adhesion
  • The temperature is kept in a narrow range
Sample Custom Coating Solution S-MPuls for coin punches of Monnaie De Paris

For coin punches, we have developed a Custom Coating Solution for high-quality coatings with a good amorphous structure as well as high density, surface quality and reproduction accuracy.

Technologies applied:

  • 1 x DC pulsed magnetron SPUTTER cathode with a rotating magnetic field
  • SPUTTER source arranged at the bottom of the chamber

Etching technologies applied:

  • LGD®
  • Plasma etching with argon,
    glow discharge, with auxiliary anode
Coin punches coating unit S-MPuls

Load and cycle times:

  • 4 - 6 batches/day
    with a batch time of 3.5h
  • Coating volume with defined coating thickness [mm]: ø70 - 250
  • Substrate holder: ø300mm, varying customer-specific versions possible
  • Load up to 20kg


  • Simple use and maintenance
  • PLATIT’s SmartSoftware (PC and PLC system)
  • Modern control system with touch screen
  • Data recording and real-time display of process parameters and flow
  • Manual and automatic process control
  • Remote diagnostics and maintenance

Machine dimensions:

  • Door opening [mm]: B450 x H615
  • Footprint (coating unit with electrical cabinet) [mm]:
    W945 x D1403 x H2068 +
    W608 x D1369 x H2068

S-MPuls Custom Coating Solution presented at World Money Fair 2021

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