In addition to coating units, we also design and build complete turnkey systems for coating processes. These complete solutions include all upstream and downstream process steps of hard coating such as decoating, edge pre-treatment, cleaning, post-treatment and quality control. This make our systems ideal for seamless integration into your tool manufacturing and regrinding process.

We maintain an open-source philosophy, allowing you, our customer, to customize PVD coatings to your specific requirements and individual needs. We enable our customers to differentiate themselves from the market standard in dedicated application fields with the highest coating performance and competitive advantages.

As part of the BCI Blösch Group, we are a family-owned company.

PLATIT Headquarters

Core competencies

There are four fields in particular where we locate our core competencies.


Integration enables in-house coating. We have a comprehensive understanding of the manufacturing, preparation, and regrinding of tools. We develop optimized solution packages for you that can be seamlessly integrated into your existing manufacturing process.


Open-source technologies inspire innovation. When you purchase PLATIT technology, you as our customer can participate in our know-how. The recipes of our units are open for development work. Parameters and recipes are freely configurable: You can develop them independently as you wish. We also attach great importance to interaction, discussion, and the transfer of knowledge with those who use our technologies, as we believe that both sides benefit from such transparency and openness.


Flexibility enables faster response to market demands. That is why both our business model, and our products are flexible. The PVD coating units are modular in design, allowing you to deposit a wide variety of coatings using different technologies and obtain maximum coating diversity. The coating units are suitable for developing customized coatings, allowing you to stand out from competitors in the market and create your own brand image. Our custom coating solutions division provides the necessary flexibility to develop tailor-made PVD units that offer solutions to every individual challenge.

Strong customer orientation

We focus on strong customer orientation to satisfy customers at all times. We support our customers with our own worldwide service, support, and sales offices as well as our partners for upstream and downstream processes. As our customer, you also benefit from the advantages of our network, which brings together supply and demand for tool manufacturers, regrinders and PVD coating centers.

As a premium provider, we help our customers with customer acquisition. With our know-how, we provide support from sampling to the adaptation of coatings and continuously develop them further. The best part: PLATIT itself does not offer job coating – so we are never in competition with your business model.

We are proud to serve the best customers

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PLATIT and WERZ had a great in-house PVD/DLC event at WERZ Vakuum-Wärmebehandlung GmbH & Co. KG about:
- insights into developments in PVD coating
- DLC coating
- TiB2 for new materials
- innovative AlCrN-based coatings for high-performance applications
and got an overview of the WERZ divisions at their new modern building.


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In this video, we'll take you to FULLANTI - one of PLATIT's largest and most innovative customers in China.

FULLANTI is not just a customer to PLATIT; they are a valued development partner who has played a pivotal role in helping PLATIT better understand the unique requirements of the Chinese market. This collaboration has been instrumental in shaping the evolution of PLATIT's coating technology. Both FULLANTI and PLATIT work tirelessly to delve into the specific needs of end users in the Chinese market, thereby ensuring that the coating solutions are perfectly tailored to meet these requirements.

As a trusted supplier to FULLANTI, PLATIT consistently provides them with latest coating recipes for testing and evaluation. This commitment to innovation and ongoing collaboration has been at the core of the successful partnership.

Now, let's take a closer look at the Pi411 PLUS coating unit showcased in this video. You can see this state-of-the-art system, which offers a multitude of configuration options and remarkable flexibility. The Pi411 PLUS is designed to deliver peak performance across various application fields, making it an indispensable asset.

Thank you for watching, and we hope you enjoy this exciting journey into the world of cutting-edge coating solutions.