PLATIT Pi603 – for saw bands

The Pi603 understands the challenges of coating saw bands and offers an optimal solution. The length of the bands, as well as the fact that they are wound on a coil, could result in different coating thicknesses due to the different circumferential speeds.

The PLATIT Pi603 PVD coating unit avoids this through a special arrangement of the saw bands at a defined angle to the source technology. This ensures a constant coating thickness distribution.

The Pi603 uses the same cathode technology as the Pi411 PLUS. This ensures that standardized spare parts are always available. Furthermore, PVD coating recipes can be developed together with PLATIT on Pi411 PLUS and transferred to Pi603. Without any production downtime at all.


  • 3 LARC® cathodes with arc coating technology
  • A planar arc cathode for uniform coating of the backside of saw bands

Etching processes

The PLATIT Pi603 coating unit uses the LGD® etching technology (Lateral Glow Discharge) to enable improved coating adhesion. A total of three etching processes are available:

  • LGD® (Lateral Glow Discharge)
  • Plasma etching with argon, glow discharge
  • Metal ion etching (Ti, Cr)

Load and cycle times

  • Outside diameter of the coil: max. 1360mm
  • Inner diameter of the coil: 560mm
  • Saw band height: max. 100mm
  • Load: Coil weight incl. goods carrier max. 600kg
  • Batches/day: 2 with batch time of 7.5-9h


  • PLATIT SmartSoftware (PC and PLC system)
  • Easy operation and maintenance
  • Modern user interface with menu navigation on touch screen
  • Real-time process visualization incl. data recording and data management
  • Manual and automatic process control
  • Remote diagnosis and maintenance possible


  • Footprint: 5900 x 6450 x 3100mm (W x D x H)