In addition, the finished coated surface must prevent the removed material of the workpiece from sticking to the tool. For this purpose, the coating unit must be as efficient as the tools that are PVD coated.

Rollers are a special case among tools: They are heavier than many other tools, and their size and special geometries alone make them a challenge for series coating units. Many conventional PVD coating units are simply unsuitable for coating them.

PLATIT solves the problems encountered in the coating of rollers

We have developed custom coating solution Mega-PiMS designed specifically for the PVD coating of oversized rollers, overcoming the problems of conventional units.

  • Modern rollers are made of temperature-sensitive materials. Therefore, our unit operates with processes in a low temperature range.
  • Pulsed DC magnetron sputter coating technology ensures an extremely smooth, defect-free surface.
  • A large chamber volume is required to work as efficiently as possible. The large vacuum chamber of the Mega-PiMS offers the best conditions for this.
  • As with a standard coating system, the holders are adapted to the tool to be coated: Dummies are added when a full batch needs to be simulated. The aim is to achieve a homogeneous coating thickness distribution and a uniform microhardness of the coating.


Coating with the Mega-PiMS

For a medium-sized company, we designed a Mega-PiMS unit for PVD coating of large-dimension rollers with complex geometries. For simplified loading, the rollers are arranged horizontally.