Coat your components permanently

With the PVD units from PLATIT, you can achieve excellent coating results that meet all your expectations.

  • Precisely defined tribology values depending on the application: From extremely smooth decorative surfaces, e.g., on watches, to specialized surfaces in medical technology.
  • Hardness and toughness are adapted to the application.
  • Chemical resistance can be specifically increased, e.g., for pump blades in aggressive media or for surgical instruments that need to be sterilized.

Each coatings functionality is matched precisely to the function of the components, so that your components achieve both long service life and optimum function.

Example: PL711 DLC unit for Blösch

Our sister company Blösch is a specialist in the processing and finishing of surfaces. For its customers’ parts and components, Blösch uses the PL711DLC coatings.

Abrasion, adhesion and tribological stress are factors that are becoming increasingly important in component manufacturing as they have a significant influence on the service life of a part, component, or a tool. Blösch’s coating portfolio includes two DLC coating variants that are specifically and finely tuned to meet specific market and application needs. One DLC coating is specifically designed to address application challenges in components and sliding contacts, while the other is optimized specifically for tool use, providing excellent hardness.


  • Diamond hardness and the lubricating properties of graphite in one
  • Smooth and dense coatings based on sputtering and HiPIMS technology
  • High-end coatings for individual parts as well as small and large series

The Blösch coating portfolio for parts and components is supplemented by pre- and post-treatment to optimize the substrate material and by a CrN coating produced with HiPIMS technology.

Together with PLATIT, Blösch also offers the development of individual, customer-specific coating solutions.