Frank Werz - CEO & Head of technology and process development

"After a long and thorough search, we decided on PLATIT as our partner in the field of PVD coating because we believe that PLATIT, which is also an owner-managed company, is a partner with whom we can talk at eye level, who supports us in process development, who supports us in discussions with customers and in initial projects, and with whom we feel we are in good hands."

PLATIT at WERZ Vakuum-Wärmebehandlung

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At PLATIT, we are proud to partner with WERZ, a company specialized in three cutting-edge technologies: vacuum heat treatment and hardening, plasma nitriding, and coating. WERZ's expertise allows them to offer a comprehensive portfolio, encompassing hardening, coating, and nitriding services from a single, trusted source.

For WERZ's customers, this integrated approach means streamlined processes and simplified communication. With WERZ coordinating all processes in-house, from heat treatment to coating, customers benefit from seamless component treatment, optimized for performance and durability.

As WERZ expanded their coating capabilities last year, they chose the Pi411 system from PLATIT. We're honored to be WERZ's partner in this endeavor.

The Pi411 system from PLATIT stands out for its innovative rotating cathode technology, maximizing coating performance and efficiency. With its flexibility in coating selection and technology, including DLC coatings, the Pi411 system empowers WERZ to meet a diverse range of customer needs with precision and excellence.

Link to WERZ Vakuum Wärmebehandlung website

Christian Maurer - Head of technology development

"With FeinAl Plus, the tendency to adhesive wear has been further reduced. This improvement has a positive influence in the tool lifetime. By increasing the system efficiency in production, a higher tool lifetime has not only an economic benefit, but also an ecological one."

Partnership of Feintool, Blösch and PLATIT

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Introducing FeinAl Plus: the cutting-edge collaboration between Feintool, Blösch and PLATIT, ushering in the next generation of PVD coating specifically designed for fineblanking applications. FeinAl Plus boasts a robust aluminum-chromium multilayer structure, strategically doped with boron for enhanced performance.

This groundbreaking coating significantly reduces the tendency to adhesive wear, a common challenge in fineblanking processes. Adhesive wear, caused by material adherence in tools, often leads to fatigue and chipping at cutting edges, impacting tool longevity. With FeinAl Plus, tool lifespan is extended, resulting in increased production efficiency and economic benefits. Moreover, the ecological advantages of prolonged tool life contribute to sustainable manufacturing practices.

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Link to Feintool website

Liu ChengBin - GM of coating division

"As a supplier of FULLANTI, PLATIT always provides us with its latest recipes for testing. The Pi411 PLUS coating unit behind me, has multiple configuration options and high flexibility. The unit allows maximum flexibility and performance in different application fields."


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Introducing our esteemed partner, FULLANTI, one of PLATIT's largest and most innovative customers in China. Our journey together began in 2013, marking the start of a collaborative relationship that goes beyond a typical supplier-customer dynamic. FULLANTI has become a valued development partner, aiding PLATIT in understanding the unique needs of the Chinese market.

Since the introduction of the first PLATIT coating system Pi411 in 2014, both FULLANTI and PLATIT have worked tirelessly to comprehend the specific requirements of end users in China regarding coating technology. As a trusted supplier to FULLANTI, PLATIT consistently provides the latest coating recipes for testing, ensuring that our solutions meet the evolving demands of the market.

The Pi411 PLUS coating unit, showcased here, embodies our commitment to innovation and adaptability. With its multiple configuration options and high flexibility, this unit empowers FULLANTI to achieve maximum performance across various application fields. Together, we continue to push the boundaries of excellence in coating technology.

HArry Volz - CEO & Owner of PV Tech

"PLATIT's globally unique round cathode technology makes us the technological leader in the PVD coating market. Behind me you can see our new Pi411 coating system, with which we can produce the precise high-performance coatings ta-C, DLC2 as well as PSiX and Omnis for our customers."


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At PLATIT, our partnership with PV Tech spans over two decades, during which we've honed our expertise in PVD coatings and their applications. For 15 years, PV Tech has entrusted us exclusively with PLATIT technology, solidifying our position as the global leader in PVD coating solutions.

Harry Volz, with his unwavering commitment to innovation, consistently invests in the latest technologies from PLATIT. We are honored to be the technology partner of choice for Harry Volz and his esteemed team at PV Tech, driving forward excellence in coating technology.

Link to PV Tech website

Mattia Moreschi - Head of Purchasing

"Our goal is to provide customized solutions to satisfy our customers needs, that is why we decided to invest into the whole process including PVD coating. Recently we had the opportunity to invest into the big saw blade business and we asked PLATIT to build this new machine to coat the blades up to 1400 mm diameter."

PLATIT at Moreschi

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A decade ago, Moreschi made a strategic decision to bring PVD coating operations in-house for their saw blades. Since then, they've achieved remarkable capabilities, coating saw blades up to 700mm in diameter and processing up to 30 blades per batch. Now, as they approach another milestone, Moreschi is poised for expansion with the PL2011 PVD coating system from PLATIT

This investment marks a significant leap in production capacity, allowing Moreschi to coat 75 saw blades per batch, doubling their previous output. As a family-owned business with 35 years of experience in manufacturing saw blades, Moreschi is dedicated to delivering tailored solutions that meet their customers' diverse needs. Their recent venture into large saw blade production prompted them to collaborate with PLATIT to develop a new machine capable of coating blades up to 1400mm in diameter. Together, Moreschi and PLATIT are driving innovation and efficiency in the saw blade industry.

Link to Moreschi website