PLATIT Quality Control Software
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PQCS is the quality control software for PVD coatings developed by PLATIT. It is optimized for easy and fast data acquisition including batch photo, coating thickness and coating adhesion. All data is stored in a database to generate a coating report and graphically display quality trends.

The PQC software offers you several advantages at once:

  • Easy operation thanks to intuitive user interface
  • Step-by-step creation of the coating report for logging the coating quality
  • Automatic database entries incl. customer information, batch information and photo, calo, Rockwell test and adhesion report with scratch tester
  • User-defined fields can be integrated
  • Data can be filtered and graphed to identify quality trends
PLATIT Quality Control Software

The basic methods of quality control

There are two main methods to control and evaluate the quality of a PVD coating:

  • Coating thickness measurement using a calo tester on test plates and tools
  • Adhesion evaluation by Rockwell or scratch tester

You can obtain the products and devices required for this from PLATIT and have them integrated into your processes.

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